Beginning of My Nutrisystem Journey-Fears, Expectations & First Weigh In

This article is about my beginning of journey with Nutrisystem. After hearing so much about this program, I finally decided to give it a shot. For all those who haven’t heard about Nutrisystem, it is a nutrition based diet. In much simpler words, they send you the foods you will be eating everyday at your door-step along with a detailed guide book and personal counselor (who is tons of support!). My personal trainer has always replied my emails and answered my phone call within 15 minutes.

Before joining the program, I researched a lot about this program like success stories, what plans they have, why it has been recommended by so many people, has any one given negative reviews (I founded very few) or anything else that I can know about this program. At the time of joining, I found nutrisystem online coupon codes which helped me save good amount of bucks (Yay!).

During the First Week

I have been instructed to consume four serving sizes of non-starchy vegetables per day. Having the biggest sweet tooth, I am expecting this to be an adjustment to me. And, after the first week, I am allowed to add 3 more items daily called extras that included things like yogurt, fruit, nuts etc.

During the First Week - Nutrisystem

Also, I have been advised to drink 8 glasses of water everyday. However, some safe drinks they allowed me to have include coffee, tea (black), calorie free lemonade and diet soda. I am strictly instructed to cut the alcohol out and also drink sweeteners.

My Expectations From This Program

I want to come away with this program lighter but also with a brain washed understanding of real food portions. I have the biggest sweet tooth, and when it comes to chocolates or pastries, I could eat them whole day. But, I am hoping this program will help me break this mind set and help me achieve my goal.

My Goals With Nutrisystem

According to my guide for the first week (which is named “Fast Five”), I am hoping to lose 5 pounds after first week. But, honestly I really don’t have any weekly goal than just determination to stay on the course in my whole journey.

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Goal

Well, my ultimate weight loss goal is 60 pounds, but on the contrary, I would love to lose 30 pounds in 3 months of this Nutrisystem journey.

What are My Fears?

I am like “can’t just have one COOKIE” kind of girl which is my biggest adjustment to give up. The Nutrisystem foods they provide all look and sound delightful (like chicken Alfredo? Heck yes!). And, while they will provide desserts too which I am allowed to have one per day, I really hope that it will be sufficient to suffice my cravings!!

But, my biggest concern is, being about to separate what I will be eating and what I’ll prepare for the rest of my family. As now I will not be eating what the rest of them are, I am afraid that I will become uninspired to make delicious foods for them. I know it sounds extremely selfish, but I just wanted to admit it.


I am extremely proud to say that I stuck to the Fast Five program of Nutrisystem without cheating and I finally received reward for it(Lost 5.2 pounds in first week). And, I hope in some way, you have found some useful information about Nutrisystem.

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