5 Best Fitness Fundas To Get In Shape For Summer

If you are in the rat race of getting a perfect body shape before the summer arrives, here are few easy ways to health and fitness you must follow.

Does the thought of wearing crop tops or sleeping in shorts panics you? No need for sweating hard. There is still time to get in the perfect shape for summer with these few simple fitness tips without going on a crash diet. These little steps in the right direction will help your body transform without carrying out heavy workouts for healthy living. Go through the following simple tips and get ready for the summer season:

Face the reality:

Many of you desire to drop a few pounds. But there are few who want to drop 10 pounds at once in a week only. Without going to extreme levels, it’s not doable when summer has almost approached.

Face the Reality

Instead of that, try to lose at least one percent of your body weight each week so that it keeps you healthy and energetic without the tiring feeling of starving and sweating out.

Stick to small changes:

Do not go for bigger goals to achieve in a smaller period of time. Make one small goal at a time and strive to attain it. Stay committed to your own goal. It could be anything like having desserts in the lesser amount or taking the stairs instead of an elevator. Master the key of commitment to one goal and add another. Follow it no matter what and notice the difference that occurs to you.

Choose the real food and watch your calories:

The food you choose on the daily basis plays a subtle role in your fitness. Enough of packaged processed meals and low-fat diet snacks. It’s time for fresh vegetables, fruits and natural juices. They are high in nutrition and rich with fiber that keep your tummy feel full for longer.

foods for health and fitness

In red meat, the calorie count is high, so instead of four ounces of chicken or fish you eat, opt for three-ounce portion. Avoid too much sweet if you are having a sweet tooth. Sweets are nutritionally poor as it just increases the calories. Keep a watch on calories by adding the right amount of carbohydrates in your diet. Carbohydrates work as a fuel for weight loss. Avoid white bread, rice and much sweeter food. Have more of delicious brown bread, rice, whole-grain bread and oats instead.

Interval training and working out at home:

Go easy in the gym while you train yourself. If hitting the treadmill constantly for few minutes gets you exhausted, try this easy way. Run as fast as you can in 30 seconds and rest for next 60 seconds. Continue this for a while. Your body starves for oxygen because of this and helps you burn calories for the rest of the day. Also, it’s not necessary to go to the gym for good fitness. You can exercise at home. You can do your fat-blasting moves and stretching from the comfort of your home and there comes a conclusion in next last tip.

Burpees are good:

Many have found that doing Burpee is a bit tough but it is so helpful that it hits nearly every muscle in your body and increases your heart rate. Performing this whole body exercise is not as tough as you think. Follow these simple steps one by one. With your hands on the floor in front of you, start with squats. In the push-up position, kick your legs back, jump back in the squat position and then jump to a standing position. You can modify your moves in your convenience. This is one perfect exercise that burns the extra calories of your body.

Burpees for Fitness

Very simple and effective fundas for total healthy you. Follow them. It is as easy as you think and be confident for your summer body shape in your swimsuit look.

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