A 2-Step Guide: Simple & Effective Ways To Lose Weight Faster

There are number of ways you can lose weight fast, but most of them simply make you more hungry and unsatisfied. If you don’t have enough stamina to control your hunger, you may end up following on those plans quickly.

The Smart Nutrition is a well-known diet program which offers various customized plans to choose from depending on your lifestyle. All the meals and food items are designed on the base of portion control and calorie control while providing sustainable weight loss. You can easily find them online and also use nutrisystem promo code to get greater benefits and discounts on the wide range of nutrisystem’s meal plans.

Here’s a two-step plan outlined which will:

  • Reduce your appetite significantly
  • Make you lose weight, without killing hunger
  • Improve your metabolic health

1. Stay away from Sugars and Starches


These are the most important things you should cut back on. The sugary foods stimulate the secretion of insulin the most. Insulin is the primary fat storage hormone in the body. When it goes down, fat becomes free to get out of the fat stores and the body starts burning fats instead of carbs.

Moreover, there’s another advantage of lowering insulin; the kidneys shed large amount of sodium and water out of our body which reduces bloat and unnecessary water weight.

This is an easy way to lose up-to 10 pounds and even more sometimes in the first week of following this plan. You can lose both body fat and water weight by cutting back on sugars and starchy food items.

Thus, stay away from carbs, lower your insulin and you’ll start consuming fewer calories automatically without hunger. By cutting back on sugars and starches from your diet, will help you bring down your insulin levels, killing your appetite and make you lose weight faster without fighting cravings and killing your hunger.

2. Eat Fat, Protein and Vegetables


Protein Sources:

Every meal you eat should have a fat source, a protein source and the low-carb vegetables. Planning your meals in this way will gradually bring your carb intake into the recommended range of 20 to 50 gms per day.

Foods rich in Protein boost the metabolism by 80 – 100 calories per day, the importance of consuming plenty of proteins can not be overstated. High protein diets also help in reducing obsessive thoughts about food, desire for late-night snacking and keep you full so that you automatically eat lesser calories each day. When it comes to losing weight, Protein is the most prominent of all the nutrients.

Key Protein Sources: Eggs, Meat, Fish, Sea food etc.

Low-Carb Veggies:

You can eat massive amounts of veggies which contains all the vitamins, fiber and minerals you need to stay healthy. So, don’t be afraid to have a plate full of low-carb vegetables like Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Swiss, Chard, Lettuce, Cucumber, Celery etc.

Fat Sources:

If you feel hungry after the noon, you can add the 4th meal. But, do not try to add both low-fat and low-carb at the same time. It can make you feel miserable and abandon your plan. A study shows that saturated fats do not augment the risk of heart diseases.

The bottom line is that assemble your every meal out of a fat source, protein source and a low-carb vegetable to drastically lower down your insulin levels and lose weight quickly.

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